Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spark of Creativity

     What is creativity exactly?  The Creative Definition is the official description of what creativity is. It is something that a lot of people think they lack. Ways to increase your creativity can be found at Increase in Creativity.

     Creativity is something I have prided myself on throughout my life.  I was always the girl coloring, drawing, or painting. My creativity was really put to the test when I was Editor in Chief of the school yearbook.  I was expected to be able to come up with all ideas for the design components of the yearbook.  At first, I was excited because I am someone who likes to have complete control over projects.  I am in other words a control freak.  However, as time went on throughout the year I realized that I was not able to come up with every idea for the 300 page book. 
     Now at first, I thought I was defeated because I was not capable of producing all those thoughts and images. I did not know what I was going to do because I was the creative director of the yearbook. The other two editors specifically dealt with the layout and writing.  Therefore, I decided that I needed to involve the other students in the class.  We would have brainstorming sessions at the beginning of the class on the chalkboard. This way everyone was able to participate in each step of the design process.  Another way that we allowed everyone to be involved is that individuals could design their own layout for each page.
     I realized though that if I had the whole class participate in the decision making process then more sparks of creativity would occur. An easy way in order to have everyone participate in the creative process is to have a group brainstorming activity like we did in yearbook.  Some ways for effective brainstorming can be found at Effective Brainstorming.

     Knowing that groups produce more creative ideas than individuals  is something that will help me in the future. Being Editor, taught me that not all my ideas are the best and I am not going to be able to come up with ideas every time.  Even though at first I thought the best way to handle the class was to be in complete control, over time I realized that was not true.  I now apply my lessons learned from yearbook to all activities I am involved in.  In the leadership group for my Elements of Team Leadership Class, we all discuss and input ideas so no one person dominates with the creative ideas.  Also this approach is used with my Sigma Kappa leadership position as well.  Everyone gets their own amount of input into each activity that we decide to do allowing a diversity of ideas to be put on the table. We make a concerted effort to allow everyone to participate with the innovation portion of our meetings that way the same ideas are not consistently used.

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