Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Eurotrash" Say Wahhhh?!?!?

When working as an intern for Eurotrash Boutique, there were certain values and ideas that were common amongst the employees. This is known as organizational culture.  An organizational culture is specifically Organizational Culture Definition.  Within this culture, certain degrees of power were divided within the employee base.  The owner of the store had the most influence and power and the manager on duty followed as second in command.  The rest of the employees were last in the power chain and were to just listen to the managers and owner.  This is where I as the intern was placed in the chain.
There are two types of cultures: high power cultures and low power cultures.  This business would be considered both a high and lower power culture.  A lot of times high power cultures are not always effective because people do not have a lot of creative input.  However, low power cultures may not be must better because members of the organizational culture have to take the initiative and do what they think is best with no direction.  Eurotrash Boutique was a nice blend of both high power culture and low power culture. The owner would ask for the manager as well as the employees’ feedback on design layout of the store, mannequin ideas, and ways in order to sell more inventory, therefore, making it a low power culture.  The high power culture would come into play when employees were told directly what to do.  The fact that the boutique is as successful as it is brings hope to a lot of people.  When the owner, opened the store it was during the middle of the 2008 recession when no one had disposable income. The U.S. economy still has not fully recovered compared to how it used to be as evident in CNN Economy Report  However, she was able to establish a strong clientele that kept spreading the word about her amazing clothes.  This is extremely important because her clothes tend to be a bit expensive, so having a solid base of people to back her products is necessary.
After having this internship, I have a better understanding of how to be a good leader within an organizational culture.  I was able to learn that you only need a certain amount of power within an organizational culture in order to be effective.  If everyone is trustworthy and responsible the organizational culture should be effective.  I realized that with a certain balance between high and low power culture, an organization can be successful. Information about the boutique can be found at Eurotrash Boutique.

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